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Peggy Jane, Lead Baker      Amanda Jane, Lead Decorator

We are a family of bakers and sweets makers with wedding cakes as our specialty! Whether it's an office party, a family get-together, or the most important day of your life, let us provide you with the cake of your dreams.  We guarantee you will feel like part of the family when you leave.  You will be able to choose from an extensive menu of cakes, frostings, and fillings so that every cake is customized to your needs and tastes.  

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A Brief History

Who is Betty Jane? Betty Jane was born and raised in Houston, TX.  It was there that she and her husband Jerry raised their four children Peggy, Paul, Pam, and Maura  She was a homemaker who believed in a good home-cooked meal and to always save room for dessert.  We have adopted this belief and are on a mission to spread the news of her amazing desserts and cakes in our own community. Her daughter, Peggy Jane, and her granddaughter, Amanda Jane, welcome you to stop by today and help carry on the legacy. 

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